Bus Operators Who Want To Carry More Passengers Must Get Vaccinated

A Statutory Rule and Order will be passed this week, making it mandatory for minibus operators who wish to carry more than half the passengers for which they are licensed, to be vaccinated.

If they choose not to be vaccinated, they must continue to operate with the stipulated reduced numbers.

Minibus operators have said that the reduced passenger load is hurting their business and resorted to strike action intermittently.

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Comments (2)

  1. Not sure of the efficacy of this. Isn’t it the passengers who have to sit close to each other? How is the driver being vaccinated going to achieve social distancing and reduce the spread of Covid? Are we running out of ideas or is this the beginning of mandatory vaccination?

    Force vaccination actually goes against WHO guidelines

  2. Really, this is how we are treating our citizens? They are running out of ways to ask people to take the vaccine , now it’s being forced upon our people. Do we intend to standby and let our government do this to us? What this mandate is asking makes no sense at all, and I urge the van drivers to stand their grounds and not give in to this at all. Once we agree to this, there’s no telling what they will push upon us next to ensure they meet their quota. For example the PM trying to “bribe” people with Carnival 2021, really now!!! If that’s the case, goodbye Carnival 2021, will await 2022 when they all gain back their sense and stop this nonsense and fearmongering of us. We will and must not give in!!! Awake all the sleeping lions to stand up to this tyranny.