Biden administration seeking to topple Venezuela’s Maduro

The Biden administration has insisted on using opposition leader Juan Guaidó to delegitimize Maduro’s Government. Shortly after taking office, Guaidó was recognized as the rightful president of Venezuela by the current U.S. administration,  following what it deemed an “illegitimate” 2018 election process that confirmed Nicolás Maduro in power.

The announcement comes as the Biden administration seeks to double down on international efforts to topple Venezuela’s elected government.

“We’re going to, as an administration, be working to increase the international consensus in favor of free and fair elections in Venezuela and, as we’re working with the international community, to increase pressure in a coordinated fashion, and making clear that the only outcome of this crash crisis is a negotiation that leads to a democratic solution,” another senior official said.

The senior official also said that the Biden administration is in “no rush” to lift sanctions on Venezuela, which were widely expanded under the Trump administration, particularly on hundreds of Government officials and institutions. These were added to the sanctions imposed under the previous Obama administration.

“We have to recognize here that unilateral sanctions over the last four years have not succeeded in achieving an electoral outcome in the country,” the official said. “What we’re focused on is making sure that we’re working very closely, and coordinating very closely with the European Union, with our friends and allies in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

In another move to increase pressure on the Government of Nicolás Maduro, the U.S. has passed a bill that reminds those aware of the history of the Cuban Adjustment Act of the ’60s.


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