No Information On Rocks From New Dome Sent To The UK For Analysis

Vincentians are still awaiting the findings from rocks extracted from the new dome at La Soufriere.

The rocks were sent to the United Kingdom around January 20 for analysis.

At the time of the announcement, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said he was advised that the rocks’ analysis would take about one month.

In late February Volcanologist, Dr Thomas Christopher says the results of tests carried out on rock samples sent away for analysis, as part of the monitoring process of La Soufriere Volcano, have been delayed as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

While speaking on State Radio Christopher said so far, they have only had partial rock chemistry results.

Contact made with officials from NEMO to ascertain information on the findings proved futile.

In an interview with UWI – SRC, Christopher said there is some confusion amongst the Vincentian population regarding whether or not the La Soufriere volcano is erupting.

Dr Thomas Christopher says as long as the Volcano is pushing magma or lava to the surface, it is an eruption.

In its latest report on March 04 NEMO stated that a new seismic station was constructed at the National Parks Interpretation Centre at Bamboo Range, on the eastern side of the Volcano is now operational. 

The streaming of data from this into the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) began on March 01, 2021.

A new continuous Global Positioning System(GPS) monitoring station was also installed at Fancy.

Three members of the Seismic Research Centre Team returned to Trinidad and Tobago on Monday, March 01, 2021. They are Dr Michal Camejo, Ms Monique Johnson & Mr Garth Mannette.

The National Emergency Management Organisation is reminding the public that no evacuation order or notice has been issued.

NEMO continues to appeal to the public to desist from visiting the La Soufrière Volcano, especially going into the crater, since doing so is extremely dangerous.

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