No Bargain Struck Between Government And Churches

Following the announcement that churches will be allowed to increase church attendance to a third of their normal numbers, speculations are rife that the churches and the government had bargained on the increase in order for the churches to promote COVID-19 vaccination.

However, Rev. Adolf Davis, while speaking on the radio Friday dismissed this as false.

Rev. Davis said that neither he nor anyone that he knows had taken part in any such bargaining.

“We had a meeting with the ministry of health and government, about three, four weeks ago, where we discussed the issue of the accommodation of churches. At the end of that meeting, the question was raised whether or not the church leaders can also look at the matter of vaccination in order to help to encourage persons”.

Davis said they left that meeting saying, they needed to have a conversation about vaccinations as a separate issue, talk with the pastors about vaccination and then pastors would be able to make their own decisions.

There’s nothing that is contingent on- if we get more space we will organize and encourage for vaccination, Davis said.

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