Charlestown, Nevis, March 1, 2021 – Today, EZirates Inc., a new financial technology platform, which is a free online application that will make getting a loan hassle-free.

The company held an official Product Launch of its EZirates Platform, and successfully introduced the Fintech application to the market where consumers can now begin to familiarize themselves with the application and to further sign up as a user/consumer at www.ezirates.com.

While this soft launch was intended to introduce the application to the public, the company will fully open the application for loan request transactions the end of March, early April. The EZirates journey begun in 2013, and eight years later has finally materialized.

“Our goal is to enhance the Caribbean’s’ digital footprint in a manner that is on par with the rest of the world. We are placing consumers firmly in control by allowing them to source the absolute best interest rate for any loan, whether it’s an auto loan, mortgage, commercial loan, debt consolidation, or student loan.

With our platform, consumers can compare interest rates from every single lending institution on their Island, on our platform, from the comfort of their home while using a computer or a smartphone. We strongly believe that this free application is what the region needs, and as Caribbean nationals, we are pleased to be the ones to introduce it,” said Fletcher St. Jean, Founder, and CEO, EZirates.

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