Vincentians urged to take vaccine in light of volcanic activity

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is appealing to citizens to take the COVID-19 vaccine in light of the ongoing volcanic activity on the island.

He made the appeal during last night’s ‘Eyeing La Soufriere’ North Leeward virtual meeting. Gonsalves said St Vincent needs population immunity in case there is an explosive eruption and persons need to evacuate and be in close quarters.

He said: “If we have to evacuate and go in a shelter, it is far better for you to have the vaccine than not to have it.”  

St Vincent and the Grenadines recently received a donation of 40,000 doses of the vaccine Covishield from the Government of India.

Sticking to the topic of La Soufriere, the prime minister said there is no imminent threat of an explosive eruption of the volcano, however if ‘worse is to come’ SVG is preparing itself as country and citizens should also have a family plan.

“Have some things packed and ready at hand to get to the shelters,” said Gonsalves.

In terms of North Leeward, the prime minister said there are several points on the road and by sea for the evacuation of the public.

He noted that if there is an explosive eruption, St Vincent and the Grenadines has places with shelters, schools, guest houses, hotels and even places external to the island.

Contact has also been made with other prime ministers in the Region for arrangements.


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