Leaning Utility Poles! – Tragedy Waiting To Occur At Casson Hill

Residents And Motorists Fear That Two Dangerous Leaning Utility Poles At Casson Hill Could Lead To Tragedy.

(By Ernesto Cooke) – A public call is being made to the St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) to act with haste in fixing two dangerously leaning utility poles.

The pole, which is in a forward-leaning position, is located at Casson Hill.

Both residents and motorists say they are worried as to when things may go deadly wrong.

The length of time the utility pole has been in the precarious position leaves much to be desired as the danger grows greater each passing day.

Thousands of vehicles traverse the area from 6 am to 7 pm at least six days per week.

Motorists who spoke to News784 said they worry about begin caught n the morning and evening rush hour in the said vicinity.

“I fear that it can break in two, but above all am worried about possible deaths”.

“I commute morning and evening in minivans, and I try to secure a window seat, just to keep an eye on this pole”.

“Am worried if would it snap, and what carnage could take place, especially with those high tension wires touching vehicles if the pole breaks”.

“All I can say is Lord have mercy on me during rush hour. It’s just scary; why do we always wait for something to happen? I hope they fix it before”.

One resident who lives directly below the utility pole said while it was titling forward for some time now, the recent high winds made it worst. He is even more frightened if nothing is done to remedy the situation, especially with the coming hurricane season.

There are six leaning utility poles from Murray Road Gap to the E.T Joshua shopping centre in Arnos Vale.

If they were to break due to their location, most of these poles will either damage passing vehicles or houses in the immediate surroundings.

Residents across the country have reported not only are they worried about poles that appear to be on the verge of collapse but the frequent outages.

A call to VINLEC to ascertain information about when work would commence to fix or remove these dangerously leaning poles yelled no results.

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