St Lucia: Complete Ban On Sale Of Alcohol May Have To Be Considered

(St Lucia Times) – Saint Lucia’s Health Minister has expressed concern over people over indulging in alcohol.

And Mary Isaac believes that the authorities may have to consider a complete ban if the trend continues.

“So maybe if our citizens cannot understand that they need to be responsible when they consume alcohol we may well have to maybe ban alcohol altogether,” Isaac declared.

She made the remarks Monday in an interview with reporters.

Senator Isaac noted that many have lost their lives as a result of drunk drivers.

She also observed that many road accidents occur because people are under the influence of liquor.

But Isaac expressed the view that penalties under the law are not tough enough.

According to the Minister, alcohol is impacting the local health care system and putting a dent in the pockets of citizens.

“People are behaving as though alcohol is a priority – alcohol is something they cannot do without ,” Isaac lamented.

However, she explained that alcohol has proved to be very destructive to families and lives.

Isaac also expressed concern about videos that have appeared on social media.

The recordings show citizens under the influence of alcohol.

In one of the videos a man lies in a dry concrete gutter and begs the person filming him for help.

“This is not a nice image they are sending out there of our country,” Isaac told reporters.

“ It is  really portraying us as a country for drunken alcoholics and that is not very good,” Isaac said.

“We need to stop that because that is not what social media is intended for,” Isaac declared.

“And we ought to stop using social media to destroy people, to destroy ourselves to destroy our economy and destroy each other,” Isaac stated.

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