CXC 2021 Exams Officially Set For June-July

CXC’s 2021 examinations will be written between June 14th and July 16th; however, students registered for the 2021 exams have the option to postpone writing their subjects until 2022 and will be given up to May 1st, 2021, to apply for deferrals if they so choose.

Students who defer their sitting of the 2021 exams will be able to choose whether they want to sit their exams in January 2022 or May/June 2022.

These students will still be able to use the same scores from their SBAs for CSEC and Internal Assessments for their CAPE examinations.

2021 sitting will see the examinations returning to their normal format to include the writing of both the Paper One and Paper Two components, in addition to Paper Three for private candidates.

However, CXC will continue to moderate 100 percent of the SBAs submitted by students, akin to what was introduced last year.

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