Heathrow Airport 7-hour queues ‘inhumane’, say passengers

(BBC) – Passengers have complained of queues of up to seven hours long at Heathrow Airport’s border control.

One passenger described a mother having to feed her baby on the floor, saying conditions were “not humane”.
A union for border control workers said Covid security measures designed to reduce infections was leading to inadequate staffing.
Heathrow Airport said the government needed to make sure there were enough staff to cope with demand.
Alicia, 26, who did not want her surname used, was flying back from Vienna after attending a medical appointment for her leg.
She told the BBC she began queuing to go through border control at 18:30 on Sunday evening, but did not get through until 01:30 on Monday.
“I felt really unsafe,” she said. “It was really disorganised. One mother had to feed her baby on the floor. It’s not humane.”
Alicia added: “The staff didn’t offer any chairs, there was no social distancing. Only about three or four people were checking documents.”

Several passengers told the BBC that they had spent five, six or seven hours waiting at the border on Sunday evening with only a few border force officials processing their paperwork.

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