COVID Patients From Mental Health Centre Relocated To Queens Drive

(By Ernesto Cooke) – To contain the further spread of the COVID -19 virus at the Mental Health Centre at Glen, all C-19 positive patients have been relocated.

The COVID -19 task force report on Friday night said twenty-three (23) RT-PCR tests were conducted on patients and staff of the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre in Glen on Thursday, February 25, 2021, as part of contact tracing and general screening.

News784 understands that the facility’s COVID positive patients have been moved to the Glad Tidings Camp Site in Queens Drive.

Twenty-one patients (21) and two (2) staff members tested positive from the screening process.

According to information obtained, the patients were transferred to the makeshift quarantine and isolation facility on Friday night.

The Ministry on Friday said isolation and quarantine measures were being implemented and additional testing to ensure containment of any further spread in the facility.

None of the persons the release stated is unwell.

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Comments (2)

  1. With all the fear they have succeeded in spreading with the help of the $11,000 per month man, how can the ULP government be so disrespectful, inconsiderate?

    It amounts to gross contempt to think you can just bring these “supposed cases” without any warning to the residents here whose properties are merely feet away.

    Far as I know none of us has declared ourselves “hard fo death”! I guess when you are a self-declared “world boss” the feelings of ordinary people is no consequence.

    They ought to bear in mind that it is a temporary power on loan from the very ordinary people they now find so contemptible!

  2. Mr DaSilva, do you know how the COVID-19 virus is spread? Are you going to the facility to visit and socialize with the patients? It’s a temporary arrangement.