As Of 1st March “Sunday’s” Will Be A Rest Day In Barbados

Sunday’s will be a rest day in Barbados as the country gears up for a phased reopening from Monday, March 1st 2021.

In an address to the nation last Thursday night, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said the gradual reopening was the method Government had been advised to take.

The Prime Minister stated that supermarkets will open from Monday to Saturday, but there will be no commercial activity on Sundays in those establishments, hardware stores or any other store for the time being.

Gas stations, she added, will open on Sundays, but not their minimarts.

She said that in addition to the existing 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. access to beaches and parks, people would be allowed to exercise and get a sea bath between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m., each day.

She noted, however, that clothing stores, boutiques, hairdressers and barbers were not permitted to operate at this time.

Ms. Mottley urged those businesses not reopening on Monday to take the next two weeks to revise their existing protocols and practices, so they would be ready when their turn came.

She noted that the operation of gyms, massage parlors, and indoor and outdoor contact sports would be prohibited at this time, as well as the use of pleasure crafts.

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The Prime Minister outlined those businesses reopening from March 1 as:

Construction, all forms of agriculture and farming, fishing, manufacturing, auto mechanics and repair and other categories that will be defined in the Directive.

Hardware stores, appliance stores, farm and gardening stores, plumbing stores, electronics and IT and telephony stores.

Restaurants and fast-food establishments will be permitted to have curbside pick-ups, drive-through and delivery.

Administrative offices, professional services, parts and repair operations, and government entities such as the Law Courts, The Registry, Post Office, the Land Registry, etc, will reopen, utilising the minimum physical staff necessary to offer a satisfactory level of service to the public.

Those persons who can function effectively from home should continue to do so, but those needed at the workplace to dispense product or services in those areas should report for duty.

Those who work in the public service will continue to be guided by their permanent secretaries, heads of department or CEOs in state-owned enterprises as to what is their appropriate attendance.

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Comments (27)

  1. Sunday is a rest day from what madam prime-minister ?
    Question are you suggesting all who’s rest day is Saturday the sabbath be changed to Sunday ?
    Would worshipping be a problem if not done on Sunday or would others be allowed to on another day ?

  2. It looks like an “indirct house arest”
    and total population control! This must be the begining of very trouble times! We have to brace for whats to come.

  3. This is madness.
    Can you tell me how many people were suspected of dying with coronavirus by mid February 2021?
    23. Yes you heard me correctly. 23

  4. We told you the Sunday law was coming a long time ago. But it’s coming fast and furious now prepare to meet your God.

  5. Why Sunday? God invented the idea of a rest day and blessed Saturday as that day. Does the creature know better than the creator?
    We have a day already blessed and set aside so why do we ignore that in favour of enforcing another day?

  6. Are you people still fast asleep, when all of you SHEEPLE keep electing sheems to be rulers of countries what do you expect to happen,hating God with a passion. He had 12 deciples was Any woman present now they must lead us to our destruction. Put 10 woman in a room they cannot agree on anything add one1 man and all of them will gang up against that (1) man. Lesson over.

  7. What in the world is that crazy woman talking about. Is she a dictator? Please protest this to prevent this kind of dictatorial form of government. This is a command , not a request. Ofcause we need prayers ascending for the corvid19 and other situations. Rest day. What kind of rest . Do you think just abstaining from physical rest excluding God can make things better? She never mentioned the name of God in her decision. Lady allow God to guide you . Like Solomon ask for wisdom. Allow the HolySpirit to enlighten you how to lead the country. “ no self righteousness. Please.

  8. According to scripture the rest day is Saturday the 7th of the week also known as the Sabbath

  9. Keep the Sabbath holy (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday). Sunday is a workday like any other

  10. Dear Prime minister Mottley , God does not and cannot accept any change in his divine law, what u r doing is given authority to a false day (Sunday which is d first day of the week) God has never blessed holloed santified and set the first day of d week apart for any by use… what you are given Sunday is what should be applied to Saturday the seventh day (the Sabbath of the lord thy God)

  11. The times that say businesses can be open are 8am to 4pm. But is it ok for a business to open at 7:30 am to 4:30 pm ?

  12. Sunday Law being set up. Surprised it’s starting in the Caribbeans thought id start from Africa and makes it’s way around. SDA gang for life sorry not sorry. Let’s get ready ladies and gents, everything going on is just the beginning of the worst but hang on.

  13. It is interesting that this command is being given serious thought in neighboring regions. I pray that all of us will pay attention and let God our Creator guide our lives. We use to say that Sunday law is not true and can never happen, but this Covid-19 has allowed many laws to be passed that otherwise would not have. People let us wake up. Jesus our Creator is soon to come.

  14. Dear Madame Prime Minister, we are praying for you as you are faced with a great task of leading your country. However, no one needs another day of rest. God, at creation, already set aside a day of rest, and that is Saturday, the 7th day of the week.
    Is your directive changing that?
    If so, why? We will continue to pray for you and your Country. May God open your eyes, so you could see Him. Blessings

  15. What’s wrong with you people???
    Aren’t you happy, that, instead of 7 days lock down, you will have only one?
    Aren’t you happy that you will be able to go to worship places on Saturdays, but those who use to go on Sundays will not be able to?


  17. Saturday is the 7th day Sabbath of rest, not Sunday the 1st day of the week. Genesis 2 v 1 – 3 and Exodus 20 v 8 – 11.
    Be not deceived and worship Jehovah on the ‘day of the sun’ instituted by Emperor Constantine in 321AD.
    Let him that hath an ear hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches!

  18. There is only one day of rest and it stands FOREVER the SEVENTH DAY

  19. The Sunday Law (Mark of the Beast) is not far from going how effect.
    We must get right with God now, time is short

    1. Exodus20 verser8 to11
      94 words GOD used to outline HIS commandment #4. Exodus31 verse18 is the proof. Time is not lost.

  20. Why are so many readers bringing in religion because the prime minister of Barbados is advocating Sunday as a rest day.
    The last time I checked, Saturday is the rest day for Jews and Adventists.
    Sunday is the rest day for most Christians
    And Fridays is the rest day for those of the Islamic faith.
    Now we can go on with this practicing Buddhist and Hindus..

  21. Madame PM people already know when to rest this is not a fight you so leave Bajans alone we decide when to rest not you and do not tourism does not rest on Sunday