175,000 Oxford Astra-Zeneca Doses Dispatched From India To Caribbean


India: The Indian government on Saturday dispatched 175,000 Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine doses to 5 Caribbean countriesvaccine, including four under the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The vaccines are scheduled to reach from Mumbai to Antigua and Barbuda, further arrangements for transportation have been made to deliver the vaccine to respective countries.

According to External Ministry sources, St Lucia will receive 25,000 jabs of Covishield vaccine and St Kitts and Nevis 20,000, St Vincent and the Grenadines 40,000, Antigua and Barbuda 40,000, Republic of Suriname 50,000 respectively.

According to the sources, Oxford vaccines have left from Mumbai in Hawker 850 XP aircraft, and it would reach Antigua and Barbuda by Monday morning. Apart from This, the government of Dominica has successfully vaccinated over 5000 Dominicans to date and the number is rising by each day.

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