Lawyer Says Investors Money May Have Been Lost In Currency Gambling

Jeffrey Kroeker is a renowned lawyer in Canada with an impressive resume, which includes top education, government jobs, international anti-corruption efforts and fundraisers for charities and political organizations – as well as frequent expert appearances on television.

But now he has come to the centre of an international financial scandal – with branches to the Caribbean, Canada, Switzerland – and Northern Norway – because of his role as a local company representative for a number of companies linked to kbr entrepreneur and four-time Norwegian tennis champion, Per-Erik Karlsson.

Via Karlsson and KBR, the Northern Norwegian investors may have lost as much as NOK 60-80 million in the company KBR/True Blue as well as the Canadian “Bluecore family”. In addition, as much as NOK 200 million may be in the off trade-off in other companies.

The lawyer tells European newspapers that Karlsson was first a good client:

–When I was first introduced to Karlsson he was a good client, had good ideas and his business transactions were normal.

Our company worked very hard for the companies he established and led. There was trust. But in the spring of 2020, things changed and investors became suspicious. We did our duty and blocked his access to the companies and began to secure values. Unfortunately, Karlsson has not been cooperative.

He emphasizes that his roles have been formal roles as a local representative of a foreign company founder.

When problems were discovered, his access to bank accounts was terminated, and we at the same time took away his opportunity to instruct employees and the bank.

Lost in currency gambling

He is now providing new information to northerners in Tromsø, Lofoten, Vesterålen and Narvik who lent NOK 60 million to invest in financial products aimed at traffic injured.

According to Kroeker, probably the money in True Blue/KBR is already lost in currency gambling with several different currencies:

–We are told, and it is my understanding, that Erik (Per-Erik Karlsson) used money that was brought back to KBR, as well as the remaining money in KBR, to trade currency. I can’t comment on the other companies as investigations are still ongoing.

Among other things, Norwegian kroner (NOK) was in freefall last spring as a consequence of the coronal aphenndemia. In other words, it would be quite possible to lose large amounts during this period.

Soon after this, Kroeker suspected that something was wrong.

Where the money in the other companies now is – or if they are lost – is now the subject of an intense money hunt in Canada, Switzerland and on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

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