‘Tired Tek Licks’ Married Man, Single Man – I Will Expose Them

Leswan Is Back In The News

Leswan Stewart, who almost lost his life at the leeward bus terminal a few weeks ago, after a guy who almost fell in love with him, found out he was a man, is back in the news.

Leswan contacted News784 telling us that he is tired of persons saying that he is pursuing men when in reality, they are the ones seeking him.

He told News784 that a married from the Campden Park area is “ on his case”.

Leswan identified his current pursuer as a man named Jay, who he said told him he would tell people that he Leswan is a girl.

Leswan Am Not The Pursuing Them

“I want the world to know because at times people saying I am the one who is harassing men, and when they find out I am a guy, they beat me”.

“Well, I was online not too long ago when I receive a friend request from a married man in Campden Park, and he knew I am a guy because he saw previous videos of me”.

“ I also told him I am a man, and he still encourages me to come by his house on Monday 22nd February, which is tomorrow”.

“Now imagine if I did go and people beat me, then it would look bad on me, right”?

I want it to go viral.

Leswan told News784 he wants this story to go viral because persons believe he is fooling men when they know what they are doing.

“I am not saying I am perfect; I fool people already, but most of them see what happen; it is men who are in it, and when people find out, they wanna take it out of their eyes and allow people to come after me”.

See Conversations below.

Facebook Messenger – Leswan – Purple colour

Jay – White 


WhatsApp – Leswan – Green 

Jay – White 

Leswan told News784 he is willing to go to court and testify if anyone comes after him, telling us that it is time people be honest with themselves.

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