Haitians Insist on President Moise’s Resignation

Protesters are outraged and claim that Moise was due to step down on February 7.

Thousands of Haitians over the weekend took to the streets of Port-au-Prince once again to demand President Jovenel Moise’s resignation.

During the protests, called by the ‘Protestant Commission Against Dictatorship in Haiti’ movement, citizens launched anti-government slogans and called Moise a “de facto president.”

According to opposition leaders, Moise’s term ended on Feb. 7. However, he claims his government ends in 2022, for he has served only four years of the five-year presidential term so far.

Moise took office in 2017 due to the chaotic electoral process that forced an interim president’s appointment from 2016 to 2017.

Michel urged the international community to withdraw support from Moise, whom he also accuses of corruption, mismanagement, and leading an autocratic government.

Earlier this month, the people’s anger increased with the escalation of tensions between the government and the Judiciary. On February 7, Moise ordered three Supreme Court judges to retire, accusing them of intervening in political affairs.

The social outburst was also unleashed in rejection of the uncontrolled violence, killings, and kidnappings that have been shaking the country in recent years.


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