The Most Durable Watches Of The Omega Speedmaster

If you think Omega timepieces are the sturdiest, you are dead-on as the astronauts who marched on the moon in 1969 were wearing Omega Speedmaster watches. Since 1932, the watch company has also been the Olympic Games’ official timekeeper. Not only have that, for more than a hundred years, armed forces globally relied on these durable jagged watches.

Sporty but elegant aesthetics of Omega Speedmaster made them appear in all of the James Bond movie series on the lead actor’s wrist! That’s a legacy that continues up to date that is why Omega watches a common luxury timepieces preference. But which one is the most durable among them? Here is our list.

Omega Speedmaster Collection

Omega Speedmaster watches are timepieces first produced in 1848 by Omega time makers. This watchmaker has been giving watch lovers and not some of the sturdiest sentries you can ever find. For decades, they have achieved perfection.

This line speaks of a good investment in efficiency, reliability, and accuracy, plus sterling attributes contained in a sleek, comfortable kit. Their refined epitome of hardworking, luxurious yet excellent wristwatches because of outstanding features like water resistance up to 330 meters and precise chronograph technology.

Indeed, the Speedmaster is a blend of sporty and elegance. Further, Omega is also the producer of the co-axial escapement that is now widely known to timepiece manufacturers and the well-known Master Chronometer program developer. Their timepieces are also a favorite of many as they are the best partners for any occasion.

Moonwatch Professional Chronograph

The Professional Moonwatch is Omega Speedmaster’s go-to watch. So, if you are eyeing a multi-purpose watch, this one is definitely for you. Not only does it exude class, has a dash of adventure, but on any night outs, it will likewise go flawlessly with your suit. There’s nothing in it that’s lacking with its black circular dial contrasted by silver-tone hands.

This timepiece comes with a powerful movement known as the Ref 1863 mechanical. Its bracelet is also in stainless steel, but users can replace it with a leather type. Elegantly complimenting the dial’s hue are the two sub-dials plated with its rhodium. That is why a lot of people love them. Here are some of the best watches they offer.

Broad Arrow Black Dial Watch

The Broad Arrow Black Dial is one of the Omega Speedmaster’s most popular watches. Its black-colored dial perfectly blended with its superb, luminous hour and hand markers, covered in a stainless steel case paired with a stainless steel strap, cleaned and polished.

The watch has a transparent back case to see the materials used in perfecting this timepiece, along with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Like the other Omega Speedmaster timepieces, water-resistant up to 330 feet has a visible tachymeter and a calendar. All those to assure users of its durability and excellence of every watch.

Moonwatch Omega Co-Axial Chronograph

The Moon’s Dark Side makes this sentry unique among other Omega Speedmaster. It is a new lineup of Speedmaster wrist watches that is a bit pricier because the materials used to make every piece are high quality and more modernized. For instance, the case that protects it is a 44.25 mm diameter measurement carbon material.

This specific watch was improved in value by the carbon and the ceramic materials used in each piece. It is implicit that Omega used the powerful Ref 9300 co-axial automatic chronograph movement in this watch. It is in a round black dial with luminous time markers. All those to ensure the durability and excellence of every watch.

50th Anniversary Series Chronograph

This line is Omega’s homage to the “Silver Snoopy Award” from NASA astronauts in 1970 for their offerings to the Apollo 13 space exploration flight. A 42 mm stainless steel case is offered with a blue nylon fabric strap containing the Apollo 13 mission flight on the embossed lining. All those to ensure the durability and excellence of every watch.

A sight of the moon’s far side adorned the watch using micro-structured metallization on the sapphire crystal NAIAD LOCK back case. On a rotating magical hand, when the chronograph feature is used, is an animated Snoopy in his Command and Service Module (CSM).


Nobody can go wrong with an Omega Speedmaster, so if you eye for a luxury watch that is  accurate, elegant, or classy, get Omega Speedmaster. Every time you use it, you’ll adore its iconic looks and foundation. Every Omega Speedmaster is a worthy runner of durable sentries, so safely shop to your trusted online store that guarantees authenticity.


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