A Horological Doctrine: An Introduction To Modern Nomos Glashutte Watches

There have been many instances where watchmaking houses would release iconic and revolutionary timepieces that seemed to defy the logic of physics and introduce a different level of sophistication to hand-worn accessories. However, companies also focus on riding the current trends and capitalizing on what every consumer wants.

NOMOS Glashutte watches are a hot topic right now, and ever since their foundation in 1990; they have continued to provide sophisticated watch offerings to their customers. While being widely recognized in Germany, the company has since expanded its influence to the rest of the world. It is now a staple luxury brand even among the famed Swiss households.

Metro Neomatic Automatic White Dial Men’s

Many people would regard Nomos Glashutte watches as modern and elegant timepieces and rave about their classy offerings that come at a great price to feature ratio. That goes with the first watch on this list, the Metro Neomatic in White Dial. The watch is simply stunning, to say the least, and there isn’t anything quite like a mesmerizing white dial to complete a minimalist design.

The unique blend of modern and vintage design makes for one beautiful piece of art that you can wear to any event. The Metro Neomatic definitely checks all the corners for a watch that can elevate any attire. The watch features a 35mm diameter dial with a genuine leather strap and silver finish on the bezel.

Tangente Neomatic Champagner 1st Edition Automatic Beige Dial Unisex

There’s something about the color beige that screams class comparable to that of nobility, and the Tangente Neomatic with a beige dial is the epitome of that ideal. Sporting one of these on your wrist will gain you the envy of everyone, especially those who have an eye for watches. The Neomatic series has always been the pride of minimalism, and this 1st edition is a perfect example of that.

The slight contrast between tones makes for a simple yet elegant combination of natural colors. A mixed layout for the indexes is also featured, which gives off a feeling of youth, energy, and spontaneity. Tying everything up is the beige dial that highlights the minute details of every part of the watch face.

Zurich Braungold Automatic Brown Gold Dial Men’s

The first piece from the Zuric series is the Braungold Automatic which is underrated when it comes to price, features, and performance. It exemplifies the meaning of class and sophistication with its deep-colored brown and gold dial that cannot be expressed with any other watch. To put it bluntly, this 39.7mm diameter watch is a thing of beauty that is worthy of a place in your luxury watch collection.

The Zurich Braungold also features a black genuine leather strap and silver-toned hands and indexes to break up the dark theme present throughout the design. The power reserve is also slightly higher than the rest with a 43-hour reserve, and protection from liquid damage is respectable at 30 meters.

Tetra Clarchen Manual-Winding Green Dial Ladies

Most of the luxury watches we see today are complicated, feature-packed, and sometimes go overboard with the design. It’s not as if watchmakers are taking the industry in the wrong direction with that approach; however, people also appreciate a clean and simple design that can enamor any crowd.

The Tetra Clarchen is a manual-winding watch that pays tribute to the past’s classic designs with its unusual combination of a grey strap and silver case to match the green dial. It’s certainly an uncommon combination of colors, but pulling off an attire that features this piece’s beauty will reward you with the admiration of anyone who is even slightly interested.

Tetra Manual-Winding Blue Dial Ladies

Much like the Tetra Clarchen in Green Dial, this Tetra model also features a grey strap and silver case but features a more muted design with its blue dial. However, with the inclusion of a more seamless combination of colors, potential buyers of this watch can clearly see what outfit fits with its overall aesthetic.

The 29.5mm diameter is also quite quaint despite the square design of the case, and at a glance, its design is noticeable enough that it gets recognition but stays comfortable on the wrist. Indexes are configured in Arabic numerals with the subtle addition of green-toned hands to give a youthful contrast to the watch’s conservative look.


Luxury watch shopping has never been easier with the variety of choices available to consumers. Indeed, this article’s goal is meant to introduce you to a company that doesn’t sacrifice quality at any cost. Take the time to visit official retailers and get mesmerized by the beauty of these horological pieces of art.

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