UN Human Rights Office Prepares Global “LGBT Hate Groups” Blacklist

The UN rights office is collecting the names of anyone who opposes the LGBT agenda in any way.

Politicians, religious leaders, and organizations from around the world who defend life and family will likely be put on a blacklist by the UN office for human rights. The drastic new measure may be used to impose sanctions on pro-family advocates and expose them to terrorist attacks.

“Who are the main actors who argue that the defenders of human rights of LGBT individuals are furthering a so-called ‘gender ideology’?” reads a call for inputs from the UN rights office published last month, primarily addressed to LGBT groups.

In the broadly worded prompt, the UN rights office asks for examples of “public expressions or statements by political and/or religious leaders” who challenge LGBT rights.

“What are their main arguments?” the UN rights office asks. “Have they been effective in regressing the human rights of LGBT individuals? Have their strategies directly or indirectly also impacted on the human rights of women and girls?” they add.

The UN rights office’s call for input denigrates defenders of life and family who dispute “gender ideology” as conspiracy theorists. It gives for granted that “gender theory” is not an ideology, but an unquestionable truth. The “meanings” attached to sex and gender are “socially constructed” it claims.

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