Bus Owners To Get Temporary Subsidy, Amount To Be Determined

Prime Minister Dr. Hon Ralph Gonsalves along with Minister of Transport Hon Montgomery Daniel, Minister of Finance Hon Camillo Gonsalves, Minister of Urban Development Hon Julian Francis, Director General of Finance and Planning Edmond Jackson and Superintendent Kenneth John met with representatives of the Vincentian Transport Association (VINTAS) to discuss the proposals put forth in a letter submitted to the Minister of Transport on February 8, 2021.

Prime Minister in leading the discussion on the 7 points put forward by the Association, outlined the government’s position in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic in all its dimensions – Health, Economic, Social and Security.

The government offered support to a number of sectors affected, including income support to individuals whose income was impacted, and offered special support to minibus operators.

The two areas of compromise reached included the continuation of the sanitization of buses and a temporary economic subsidy that would not be less than what was offered last year.

The specific amount of the subsidy would be determined before the end of the week and communicated to the Association.

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