Effectiveness Of Vaccine Is Main Concern For SVG Health Officials

What health officials are more concerned about here in SVG is the effectiveness of the vaccines used among the population.

At this time, persons are contradicting the word efficacy and effectiveness.

Currently, SVG has authorised Sputnik v and Covishield ( Astrazeneca vaccine to combat the spread and inoculate the population.

At a press conference on Tuesday evening, health officials say effectiveness is determined after the vaccine is administered to many persons within the general population.

These individuals include persons of varying health status and comorbidities.

The officials noted that there is no mathematical or computer model that can predict effectiveness.

The vaccine must be given to a large portion of the population, and then an analysis is done.

Officials stated that effectiveness is an after the fact determination.

In terms of adverse reaction to the vaccines, health officials say an individual may have pain and swelling in the area where the vaccine was administered.

Generally, persons may have a low-grade fever, chills or shivers, tiredness and headaches.

Officials also noted that there might be issues of an allergic reaction like any other substance administered or incorporated into the body.

However, severe allergic reactions with vaccines are generally rare.

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