Bus Owners Demand Duty-Free Concession And Permanent Subsidy Of $500.00

Bus owners across SVG through their association are making several demands of the Government. On Monday some omnibus owners across the country withheld service from the public citing that the COVID -19 protocols are putting a strain on their business.


1. Reduction in fuel price

2. Continuation of the sanitization of buses

 3. Duty-free concession on buses with a capacity of 18 seaters and greater

4. A permanent economic subsidy of a minimum of EC$500.00 per month

5. Waiver of all vehicle license fees for a period of one year and reduction by 50% thereafter

6. Waiver of all traffic tickets for “picking up or dropping off passengers at points other than at a bus-stop

7. Any other benefit that may be deemed appropriate in the circumstances.

Already the government is sanitizing vans for free similarly to what it did last year where vans were given $500 over 3 months.

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