Stay Away From La Soufriere, It’s Dangerous Says Forbes

Director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Ms Michelle Forbes speaking on WEFM says persons are in danger if they were to visit La Soufriere while it is in the process of an effusive eruption.

“It’s dangerous because there are different things that are happening; I know you have heard Dr Christoper speak about the gases”.

Forbes says you cannot see the gases; you may smell the hydrogen sulfide and the sulphur dioxide.

Still, you cannot see the carbon dioxide in particular, which is colourless and you may not know the volume that you have in and around the volcano because that comes from deep in the earth.

The Director says if you inhale too much sulphur dioxide and you are too close to the volcano and inhale all of that, it can knock you out.

Miss Forbes also warned that some of the gas emitted from the volcano are acidic and can result in burns and other effects.

She reiterated that the volcano is currently erupting and that although it might not be explosive at the moment, it should not be taken lightly in its effusive state.

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