Sat Sharma’s son dies in Ireland after Covid injection

(Trinidad Express)Trinidad – The son of former deceased chief justice Sat Sharma, Dr Keshav Raman Sharma, has died in Ireland where he worked, six days after receiving a Covid-19 injection.

However, any link between his death and the injection was debunked by Irish health authorities and the Journal Fact Checker.

In an article by Brian Shilhavy in Health Impact News, an online health publication, 39-year old Sharma, a respiratory consultant who practiced in Wexford General Hospital, received one of the experimental COVID mRNA injections on January 5 and on January 11, was found dead in his home.

He added Sharma “had just turned 39 years old, and his death was described as ‘sudden’ at his funeral and other places.

“The cause of death has not been publicly released.”

Numerous online posts were made about Sharma’s death, linking it to the Covid-19 injection he took shortly before.

His passing was announced in the death news Pierce Court, Wexford Town, Wexford/Clonskeagh, Dublin where he lived.

“The death has occurred of Dr Keshav Raman Sharma of Wexford on 11th January 2021.”

The orbituary said Sharma was of “Roebuck Castle, Clonskeagh, Dublin and formerly St Andrew’s Terrace, Fairways, Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago.”

It said he was the “beloved son of the former Chief Justice of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the late Mr. Justice Satnarine Persad Sharma and Kalawaty.”

But the Journal Fact Checker debunked any link between Sharma’s death and the Covid-19 injection he took.

“Misinformation around the death of a Wexford General Hospital doctor earlier this month has been circulating online.

“A number of posts on Facebook have said that Dr Keshav Sharma died on 11 January after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, insinuating that the two events were linked.

“Although it is understood Dr Sharma had received his first dose of the vaccine, his death was unrelated to this.

“There have so far been no reports of deaths where a Covid-19 vaccine is believed to have been a contributory factor, either in Ireland or anywhere across the European Union.

“One social media post shared more than 300 times claimed that the doctor was “found dead after Covid vaccine” and linked his death on 11 January with his vaccination a number of days before.

“This is misleading and an inaccurate outline of the situation.

The Journal reported that the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), the regulatory body for medicines in Ireland, confirmed there have been no reports of deaths for which there were concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The funeral service for Sharma was held in what appears to be a Catholic church in Ireland and was carried on You Tube.

Statements from relatives and friends in Trinidad who could not attend because of pandemic restrictions were read out in front of a simple coffin on which was placed photos of Sharma posing with his parents, a stetoscope, his iPhone and other possessions.

His mother, Kalawaty, sent a statement which was read at the service.

She said Sharma was almost born without the presence of medical personnel and there were high expectations from him which he exceeded.

She said at “six foot, three”, he earned the respect of teachers and coaches at St Mary’s College which he attended and loved basketball.

She said Sharma spent all his adult life in Ireland and struggled with his love for that country and the place he called home, Trinidad.

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