Woman With Vincentian Roots Urge Vincies To Take COVID Vaccine

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‘I am British born but my parents are from St Vincent. My mum is from Sandy Bay and my dad is from Calder, they now live in High Wycombe where I was born but I have since moved up North and live with my partner and daughter.

I have been to St Vincent many times from the age of 18 and love it. I have lots of friends and family there.

I received my vaccine on the 3rd February and I took it to build protection against this horrid virus.

Being a West Indian with sickle cell trait I am at higher risk if I catch the virus. I have had to shield for months.

After many years I recently became a mother at the age of 42. My partner and I have longed for our child and I want to ensure I am around to see her grow up.

She is the reason why I had no doubt I should accept the vaccine’.

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