President Maduro Blames Duque for Prompting Terrorist Plots

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Monday urged Colombia’s Congress to investigate Ivan Duque’s administration’s role in planning terrorist plots against the Venezuelan National Assembly (NA).

“The terrorist acts, which included blowing up with explosives the NA headquarters and the Federal Legislative Palace, were being planned since December,” Maduro explained, assuring that this is a new attempt by the Colombian government to overthrow him.

The frustrated attack, which was planned to be perpetrated on January 25, was in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent Mariano Ugarte, who recruited mercenaries for these terrorist actions.

Bolivarian authorities denounced that Ugarte is protected by the Colombian National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) to prevent him from being prosecuted in Venezuela.

“We can prove that Duque and former lawmaker Juan Guaido are linked to the terrorist plot,” NA President Jorge Rodriguez added, urging an investigation from national and international organizations on the failed attack.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office “should not wait so long to make the corresponding investigations,” Rodriguez urged.

Duque and Guaido continue with the plan promoted by President Donald Trump’s administration (2017-2021) against Venezuela. “They are trying to bring violence, death, and massacre to the country,” Rodriguez pointed out.


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