Iran, China And Russia Carry Out Joint Maneuver In Indian Ocean

A Russian diplomat reports that Iran, Russia, and China are preparing to hold a joint naval exercise in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The senior Russian diplomat has detailed that this trilateral exercise seeks to “work in cooperation in search and rescue operations and measures to ensure the safety of navigation.”

The last joint maneuver between these three countries called the “Maritime Safety Belt,” was held in December 2019.

Then, Iran claimed that the exercises showcased the three countries’ naval authority and specified that one of the drills’ most significant achievements was the message that the Islamic Republic “cannot be isolated.”

Moreover, the Persian country’s authorities emphasized that the joint maneuvers represent three friendly countries’ unity in the face of global imperialism.

Iran maintains growing ties with Russia and China in different fields, among which the military sector stands out. All three nations have been subjected to a fierce campaign of sanctions and pressure by the U.S.

However, although it continues to increase its military and naval power, among other fields, Iran assures that it has no intention of attacking anyone. Still, any move against it, especially on the part of the U.S. and its allies, will be responded with full force and in the shortest possible time.

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