Haiti: President Moise Accuses Judge Dabresil of Conspiracy

Ivickel Dabresil was arrested after the opposition declared they would appoint a Supreme Court’s Judge as interim president

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise on Saturday ordered the arrest of Supreme Court Judge Ivickel Dabresil on charges of attempt of coup d’état. This came as protests are demanding the end of Moise’s term in office.

Justice Minister Rockefeller Vincent accused Dabresil of being a terrorist and criminal because of the finding of pistols, submachine guns, and other firearms during his arrest.

“The judge has made a plot to stage a coup d’état to destabilize the country,” said Vincent in a joint press conference with Prime Minister (PM) Joseph Jouthe.

Besides the judge, 22 other people were arrested, including Police Inspector General Marie Louise Gauthier.

PM Jouthe on Sunday declared that President Moise’s mandate expires on Feb 7, 2022, and not this year as the opposition claims.

The opposition called for a protest on Sunday aiming to force Moise’s resignation, which has increased political instability in Port-au-Prince.

As the situation worsens, President Moise will address the nation via Facebook to recount his four years in office.

Senate President Joseph Lambert, who is an opposition politician, also announced he will address the Haitians.


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