Fed-up Trinis make unofficial sex offenders registry

(Trinidad Express) – AN unofficial sex offenders registry has been created to red-flag men who have been charged with sexual offences.

The registry of violent offenders against women in Trinidad and Tobago was established by a group called “My Trini Experience”.

The link: https://mytriniexperience.com/registry provides a database of persons who were charged and named in newspaper reports.

The alleged offenders names and photographs are in the registry and a link to the news story which reported the charge.

The page states clearly that it is not an official Government information site.

“All persons are viewed as innocent until proven guilty,” it stated.

The creators said they search the Internet and the news to bring information on persons with “charges” brought before them in the criminal courts of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We know and understand that many cases never make it to court and many victims and survivors don’t get an opportunity to share their stories. So get in touch with us because we will love to highlight your story across our social platforms,” it stated.

It added that it highlights the stories of survivors, those whose perpetrators have been charged and some of those that never made it to the courts.

At present there is an official sex offenders registry in Trinidad and Tobago but it is not public.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi had told the Express that the registry needs to be populated by the court.

He said only names of convicted sexual offenders are in the registry- not those charged.

Al-Rawi said he wanted the sex offenders registry to include those charged and also for sex offenders’ passports to be stamped, but women’s groups in T&T objected to this.

The AG said he is willing to make a recommendation to the Cabinet to return to the Parliament to make the changes to the sex offenders registry and ensure it contains names of those charged.

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