Forestry Department Issues Warning After Manicous ‘Arrested’

(St Lucia Times) –  St Lucia– The Forestry Department in St Lucia has issued a Manicou warning after someone posted a video of some animals on social media.

“Arrested for walking on the street with no masks,” a male individual asserts in the recording. Someone else sniggers quietly off camera.

“Waiting to get charged,” the narrator continues as the recording shows the animals. Someone had tied their legs.

But it’s no laughing matter for the Forestry Department.

As a result, Acting Chief Forestry Officer Alwin Dornelly told St Lucia Times that his department has launched a probe.

“We are trying to get more information about the video,” Dornelly said.

He disclosed that the Wildlife Act protects the opossum or Manicou – which is the name most Saint Lucians call the animal.

“People shouldn’t capture those animals,” Dornelly explained. “They should not kill them, they should not hunt them. It is illegal,” he asserted.

And he urged members of the public to respect the law. According to Dornelly, the maximum penalty under the Wildlife Act is $5000 or one year in jail.

Some Saint Lucians consider Manicou meat to be a delicacy. Those who have eaten it describe the mean as ‘sweet.’

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