SVG Could Become A Safari Destination Comparable With Serengeti


I love St.Vincent and the Grenadines, I sail around the islands from late December to early March and have done for over a decade.

I have returned to Europe to earn cash to spend in the Caribbean. I believe that SVG could become the Airbnb destination of choice in the Caribbean.

Don’t try and compete with the likes of Barbados and St.Lucia with big resort hotels. Instead, get local people to offer a room or two in their own homes to guests who arrive at the new airport.

This way the income goes directly to the people who most need the money. Taxi drivers would have far more work.

If the government got in direct contact with internet firms that facilitate Airbnb booking a guarantee could be offered to visitors ensuring that they would be relatively safe from the likes of mosquitoes or their human variant.

This would allow the islands to show off their incredible forests, and of course snorkel and dive in their coral bestrewn seas.

Sealife would be a big attraction if only it was allowed to live. If a portion of B and B income could be apportioned to pay fishermen themselves to protect sea life completely within 500 ft of the shore the effect would be stunning,

Everyone who returns from the Tobago Cays remembers turtles and the Iguanas.

Get these wonderful creatures on view in their wild environment on every island, stop killing them, they are worth ten times more alive than dead.

This way SVG could become a Safari destination comparable with the Serengeti. Good luck SVG, I will be back as soon as Covid travel restrictions lift.

Tim Cox

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