Saint Lucia Losing Battle Against Coronavirus

By Dr Charles Greenidge, M.B.B.S UWI-F.R.C.S. Ed F.R.C.S. Glas F.C.C.S

In Saint Lucia, we are losing the battle to coronavirus.

But this battle is not being lost on the front lines. From a biologist’s point of view, this is not a war.

This is simply the story of all organisms whose principal purpose is to reproduce. In order to reproduce it must infect humans.

Now humans are extremely developed organisms capable of engineering their world to suit themselves.

So one would think that a war between a simple single celled organism and a complex human being would be a no contest and humans would win hands down.

But as time has shown, the opposite is true. But this is a David and Goliath story. Goliath was a huge, strong, giant and David – only a boy.

However David did not fight Goliath on those terms. He used the fact that Goliath’s vision was poor and David choose a weapon that would allow him to attack beyond the grasp of Goliath.

Coronavirus is using the same tactic.

It is preying on our need for social contact and the pleasure we derive from instant gratification.

This battle is being lost not in the working area of businesses but in the lunch rooms.

It is being lost in people’s homes and it is being lost under the shade of a mango tree in communities.

The battle we are losing is the same battle that we are losing to diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

We can win this war. But in order to do so, we will have to apply the principle of delayed gratification.

For the next few weeks we must adhere to the masking and distancing protocols at all times with all people.

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