Capital Works By State-Owned Enterprises Will Exceed $65 Million In 2021

In 2021, statutory bodies and State-Owned Enterprises will significantly augment the capital works being performed by the central Government. These works will, in turn, employ more Vincentians and generate additional economic activity.

St. Vincent Electricity Company (VINLEC) intends to implement $47 million worth of Capital works in 2021.

These projects include $20 million on battery storage and installation of solar photovoltaic capacity; $14.5 million to expand diesel generation capacity and $7.4 million to upgrade transmission and distribution lines.

The CWSA, which executed almost $5 million in major capital works in 2020,71 will spend over $10 million on the following seven projects:

  1. The continuation of the Majorca, Kelburney, Belmont Project including the storage tank construction at Kelburney and transmission pipeline replacements.
  2. The commencement of the Kingstown Sewer Outfall pipeline relocation, under the Port Redevelopment Project.
  3. The commencement of the Port Elizabeth Desalination project, funded by the Italian Government ($5 million)
  4. The continuation of the Mt. Wynne/Peters Hope Water Supply Extension Project ($1 million)
  5. The continuation of the new $2.0 million François Water Intake Project – aimed at augmenting the yield of water from the Vermont Valley, especially during the drier months of the year.
  1. The commencement of the Golden Vale to Calliaqua Pipeline Extension Project ($700,000)
  1. The replacement of one Compactor Truck for the Solid Waste Management Unit ($800,000)

The centrepiece of the 2021 capital investment of the National Properties, Ltd. will be the Joshua Centre, a shopping plaza located at the site of the old ET Joshua Airport in Arnos Vale. Already, one anchor tenant – ACE Hardware – is occupying the Centre while construction work continues on the rest of the facility.

The Joshua Centre represents a $6.6 million investment by National Properties in the upgrade and expansion of the old terminal building. This $6.6 million does not include the cost of rehabilitative works by ACE Hardware, which undertook its own customisation of the former arrivals hall.

By its anticipated third quarter completion date, the Joshua Centre will host two anchor tenants in the old terminal building, with banking facilities and 10 additional retail spaces in between – not including the old upstairs restaurant and retrofitted former control tower.

A new two-storey wing will be added to the terminal building, which will include a major retailer on the ground floor and an upstairs food court housing five dining establishments. Shoppers will be able to enjoy access to general hardware supplies, banking and pharmaceutical services, beauty products, home electronics, household items, clothing, souvenirs, restaurants, a bar, and an outdoor entertainment space.

National Properties has already received over 80 credible, formal applications for the 20 available spaces in the plaza.

In 2021, the National Lotteries Authority will spend over $4 million in the construction, upgrade and maintenance of sporting facilities nationwide. Major projects include the completion of a hard court at Lowmans Leeward and a playing field at Evesham, along with resurfacing of the heavily-used Calliaqua hard court and repairs to the Biabou facility.

Together, the capital works being undertaken by these entities will exceed $65 million in 2021.

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