25 Projects For The Grenadines Will Create Jobs In 2021

The Grenadines are both an engine for growth and highly vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

With porous borders and a high dependence on tourism revenue the Grenadines merit special attention during the Pandemic.

A number of policy decisions, from the closure of certain ports of entry and increased coast guard patrols, to the availability of additional medical staff and equipment, have helped to address some of these vulnerabilities.

 More will be done in 2021, as the evolving circumstances demand.

Despite immediate challenges, the Grenadines have continued to attract transformative investment projects that will help to stimulate short-term economic activity and enhance the quality of our tourism product.

Separate and apart from projects of a national scope and impact, Budget 2021 initiates a number of important projects in the Grenadines that will create jobs, strengthen residents and spur local development.

These include:

Equipment for the Bequia clinic;

Upgrading  the  Mayreau  clinic  to smart standards

The Bequia Solar PV facility

Upgrading Fort Hamilton in Bequia

Enhancing Saltwhistle Bay sea defense

Enhancement of the Bequia Satellite

Installing two containerised Warehouse laboratories for Canouan and Union

Upgrading  the Bequia Community Island High School

Rebuilding the Mary Hutchinson

Rehabilitating the JF Mitchell Airport in Bequia

Upgrading the Union Island airport

Constructing the Bequia desalination plant

Refurbishing  the Union  Island hospital/clinic

Expanding the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Transmission Site – Union Island

Completing environmental cleanup at the Union Island gas station

Upgrading Canouan Government School for the delivery of TVET.

Repairing the Canouan runway, and airport terminal building

Constructing a model farm as part of

Ruminant Feed Production Programme

Refurbishing the Port Elizabeth Police Station

Enhancing the Port Elizabeth Rapid Response Unit

Repairing the Paget Farm Police Station

Operating the Balliceaux medivac vessel

Continuing a comprehensive Road Rehabilitation and Repair Programme

Constructing  PAVE  footpaths  in Bequia and Union Island

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