Gases Reaching The Surface Faster Than Magma At La Soufriere


Additional reflectors for the Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) target were installed today, bringing the total number of reflectors installed to nine (9). These reflectors will be used to assist with measurements of deformation associated with the flanks of the volcano.

Some gas measurements were done today using a Multi-Gas Instrument and a filter pack. The Multi-Gas measurements were successful. These gas measurements will be used to understand what is happening deep within the volcano as gases are coming to the surface faster than magma. This can be used as an early warning system.

The Team also spent some time trying to focus the camera installed at La Soufriere Volcano.

The National Emergency Management Organisation is reminding the public that no evacuation order or notice has been issued.

NEMO continues to appeal to the public to desist from visiting the La Soufrière Volcano, especially going into the crater, since doing so is extremely dangerous.

NEMO will continue to provide regular updates on all activities taking place at La Soufriere.

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