Man Who Nearly Fell In Love With “Jade Harry” Goes Berserk Upon Meeting Him

A Rose Bank Youth almost lost his life after meeting with a man whom he had conversations with via social media.

(Kingstown) – Leswan Stewart, originally from Rose Bank and who now reside in the suburbs of Kingstown, almost lost his life at the leeward bus terminal earlier this week.

This after a man he was holding conversations with via Facebook and WhatsApp finally met him.

Stewart was using the pseudo name (Jade Harry) on Social Media.

The altercation at the Leeward Bus Terminal saw Stewart receiving several slaps and being stabbed with a sharp objected that appeared to be a knife.

Stewart was also the recipient of a slap to the ear which, according to many eyewitnesses, made the youth stagger for a few seconds.

News784 understands that this is not the first time Stewart is involved in such altercations.

A reliable source told News784 that he has in the past engaged in conversations with men on Facebook, pretending to be a woman (Jade Harry).

The source told News784 that he has been going to various parts of the country due to his “alter ego” and was beaten in Georgetown and South Rivers.


News784 was told that he was spoken to on numerous occasions by persons concerned about his life being snatched from him because of these engagements.

This media house also understands that Stewart was living with a family (Not his parents); however, he decided to move out since he wanted to engage in practices which they told him he should desist from over fears for his life.

One source told News784 that the man had no right to slap or stab Stewart; however, the man went berserk on not seeing a woman when they finally met.

News784 understands that the man who inflicted the blows on Stewart had sent the youth nude pics of himself as they became close.

In a video posted on social media, one could have seen the guy looking down into Stewart’s bosom to see if he had breasts.


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