78 New Posts Created Within Ministries/Departments

Main staff increases In Ministries/Departments

Six (6) additional posts have been allocated under the Ministry of Finance. Three (3) of these were added to the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) and are expected to buttress the division following the completion of the CARCIP project. The other three (3) have been placed under Economic Planning and Information Technology to strengthen their project management capabilities.

Thirty-five (35) posts have been created within the Ministry of Health and the Environment these include 23 staff nurses that have been added to the Community Health Service in an effort to support the service provided in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fight against dengue; most would be used as part of a program to sure up port health security as a direct response to the covid pandemic. Three (3) Medical Officers have been added to Hospital Services and seven (7) laboratory staff to strengthen the testing capacity in response to the demand consequent upon the recent increase in covid-19 cases. Additionally, a pharmacist and a Student Radiographer posts were added under hospital services

Thirty-two (32)positions have been created within the Ministry of Education a number of these were to facilitate the correction of an error where a number of positions in the old accounts that were not removed and persons were being paid from the old accounts and the remainder are to support the ministry in providing greater service in the areas of primary and preprimary education.

The Ministry of Tourism has been allocated two (2) posts; mainly to aid in the operational efficiency of the AIA and bring it in line with international aviation security requirements.

The Ministry of Urban Development has been allocated one (1) post to assist with mainly with project execution.

One (1) post has been created within the Ministry of the Public Sector, this is mainly to strengthen the Internal Trade and Commerce unit as it seeks to fulfil its obligations under the new Consumer Protection Act.

One (1) post has been added to the Ministry of National Security, to enhance the human resource capability at the Soufriere Monitoring Unit under the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).

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