SVG Has An Adequate Quantity Of Medical Supplies In Stock

This country’s Minister of Health St Clair Prince said that  St Vincent and the Grenadines medical stock is quite adequate.

“In terms of our supplies, we have an adequate quantity of supplies in stock with additional orders pending as the global demand increases”.

Prince says there are currently over 300,000 N-95 and KN-95 masks, 339,400 surgical masks, and many dust masks.

The Minister said disposable gowns amount to 27,000, just over 27, 000 and full PPE kits amount to 1,900.

As a contingency, Mr Prince said all of NEMO’s satellite warehouses had been equipped with PPE supplies, stating that the main warehouse has over 4,000 gowns.

He said that an additional 100,000 gowns and other medical supplies were received from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health indicated that two private labs had been approved to conduct COVID testing for clearance and exit screening.

Minister Prince said there had been many complaints about tardy test results, with persons being unhappy with not being able to leave due to their test not being on time, but said the Ministry is trying its best to correct this.

He said the late results are due to the large increase in testing that has taken place in recent weeks.

Minister of Health St Clair Prince says that Sigma Medical Laboratory Inc will be specializing in conducting the PCR testing and Rapid Antigen Testing.

Caribbean Reference Laboratory (CRL) will be approved to conduct Rapid Antigen Testing only.

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  1. I would like to know why is it that a lot of patients has to buy their own medical supply like dressings and stuff to clean and dress their wounds ,when they go to the public clinics ? Is this a norm?some people can’t afford it even if they are the elderly they has to provide it themselves .so please tell us ,where are all the supplies that SVG has . And why are the patients asked to take supplies to the clinics to dress their wounds ?