Reckless behaviour of some churches in this pandemic

Dear Editor

By Marlon Joseph

Some churches’ reckless behaviour in this pandemic broke Covid 19 protocol with their congregations and citing faith-based reasons for doing so.

This is another reason why so many of us have become disillusioned with church and religion.

According to the MOH Churches are unsurprisingly among the cluster of local spread.

Yet churches are still congregating in numbers far beyond what the protocol allows.


“God is not coming back for a church hiding from a virus”. A pastor allegedly said that!

This persistence to unnecessarily put people’s health at risk to prove a point of faith to a deity is ludicrous and primitive.

But hey, religion has a habit of defying reason.

Ain’t that the truth Galileo? What say you mighty Roman Inquisition? Go ahead. Burn me at stake!

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  1. I recalled that a few church congregations within a familiar area were initially defiant. Their reasoning was that God will protect them.

    Virtual church services are still church services but only with a difference. (They are online). So you don’t have TV then go by the neighbour up so or down so. Share your WIFI if possible input your password and share with your neighbour. Alright so you don’t want to do that then it is your choice.

    I miss me church oh so badly but it is for my own good that I obey the rule of the land, for my own good. I had a good look at this matter and remembered that I read a similar story in the bible about observation of health rules. If you have the time see how the Priests dealt with leprosy in the days gone by. God’s chosen people and among them, if someone had leprosy they had to leave the “camp” and the Priests had to declare them fit to rejoin…

    See Leviticus 13 – 15