List Of District Flu Clinic For Testing

Persons with flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, fever,dry cough, lost of taste and smell, shortness of breath and a headache are asked to go to the district Flu Clinic for testing and care.

Persons MUST wear a mask and adhere to all the precautionary measures advised.

Additionally, if you’re a close contacts of positive case/s please call your nearest flu-clinic for advise on testing and screening.

The Flu Clinics are:

  1. Kingstown Health Center 1784- 4856133
  2. Layou Health Centre (784)-458-7245
  3. Coull’s Hill Health Centre (784)-458-2218
  4. Calliaqua Health Center (784) -458-4280
  5. Levi Latham Health Complex (784)-458-5245
  6. Biabou Health Centre (784) – 458-0217
  7. Georgetown Health Center (784)-458-6652
  8. Sandy Bay Health Centre (784)- 457-6836
  9. Port Elizabeth Hospital (784)- 457-3328
  10. Celena Clouden Hospital (784)- 458-8339
  11. Mayreau Health Centre (784)- 485-8215
  12. Canouan Health Centre (784)- 458-8305

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