I Thought That Any Child Of Reasonable Intelligence Would Have Understood

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says it is not the first time IWN is misrepresenting him, and it will not be the last time.

Gonsalves referred to a headline in the local media outlet which sated “SVG should’ve banned international flights in response to COVID – PM”.

Speaking on Star Fm on Monday morning, he said the producer of the story came to a headline opposite to which he was saying.

“I was making the point during the whole conservation that there are persons who were saying what I should and should not have done”.

“And I said hindsight is always 2020 vision, that means perfect vision, that is people talking to me nah, that you should not have allowed the airlines to come, or you should not have allowed nine mornings”.

Gonsalves hindsight 2020 vision statement was made last week on NBC radio.

“Notice, I did not use a personal pronoun, I or we, I said you, I mean, I understand the English language, and I thought that any child of reasonable intelligence who listened to what I was saying, would understand”.

Gonsalves said he was making the case against not stopping the airlines coming over for Christmas and not stopping the gatherings for nine mornings.

“I know the Health Service Sub Committee; they spoke with the Nine Mornings Committee to not have a national event but to have more community gatherings where the numbers would be smaller”.

Gonsalves said if you had banned the holding of nine mornings persons would have asked many questions.

“This is December 16th, one month ago you had crowds of 15,000 and 14 days after there was no upsurge, why you are banning this, only politicians alone could have their rallies”.

Gonsalves said that’s the point he was making, and he does not see how anybody can mistake such.

“I never said I should have done that or we, meaning the government should have done that, I did not use a personal pronoun”.

Gonsalves said it is amazing that you have to spend time explaining these simple things.

“As a matter of fact when you read the story, even thou there was no precursor discussion, nothing before providing additional context, the article itself would tell you the headline is misleading”.

Gonsalves said; however, that is a matter of lesser importance.

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