Mother Livid, After Daughter Contracts COVID-19 At Her Majesty’s Prison

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Anger and Frustration haven taken over a mother as her daughter, a female inmate at her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown, St Vincent,  has contracted the deadly virus, COVID-19.

She told News784 that her daughter has been sick for 10 days.

“I told the authorities at the prisons that I know the symptoms because my son was also tested positive for COVID-19, they took her to the doctor, and all they said was that she has flu, and now today they are telling me she tested positive COVID-19”.

News784 understands some members of the administrative staff at the prisons were tested positive for the virus.

The mother told News784 that her daughter is asthmatic, and this morning she had to take a nebulizer for her.

“This is horrible, she had to go and get oxygen on Wednesday morning”, she told News784.

The distraught mother said her daughter had not been sentenced in the three years since she was charged.

“She has been sitting in there all this time, getting sick on numerous occasions and had to be taken to the hospital, this is unjustifiable, after all of this they still don’t have a case, I have to be spending money for private doctors”, she continued.

“No one knows what this family have been going through for over three years, at one time they had her next to an inmate with HIV, things breaking out all over her skin, and what gets me really angry is the length of time just sitting there without a trial”, the mother said.

News784 understands that eight female inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

As of Tuesday 19th, January, St Vincent and the Grenadines confirmed sixty-two (62) new COVID-19 cases.

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  1. Kswiss how can you be a criminal when you have not been tried? Is it guilty until proven innocent? We boast that this is a law abiding country but after three years no trial Is this what justice is about?