Residents To See “Rivers Of Red Fiery Materials” From La Soufriere At Nights

La Soufriere continues to be in an effusive state – meaning – internal eruption continues within the crater.

(By Ernesto Cooke) – As effusive eruptions continue at the La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines, residents living in the North-Western corridor will continue to see red glowing lights in the night sky.

On Saturday 16th January 2021, chaos erupted in North Leeward shortly after 10 pm. According to information, this was due to what persons claimed was fire coming from La Soufriere volcano.

Professor Richard Robertson stated that the glow would become more distinct over time.

Speaking on state radio, Saturday 16th January 2021, Robertson said he would like to prepare residents living on the volcano’s lower flanks for what he described as a “Red Fiery River”.

“One way in which the dome grows is by pushing out materials onto the outer flanks. You begin to see small rock falls, and that would be noticeable in the day, it looks like dust; however, it would appear as rivers of red fiery material at night”.

Robertson stated the material glows at nights because there is no sunlight.

The dome is glowing; it is not erupting explosively; it is glowing as it has been doing since it first appeared in December of 2020.

“Person could not see it in the earlier stages because it was below the rim of the crater, now as it gets closer to the rim, not quite there yet, but as it gets closer residents will see this glow since the materials being produced is incandescent”, Robertson stated.

Statement Issued By NEMO On Saturday 16th January 2021

There is NO ‘explosive’ eruption at the La Soufrière volcano at this time. Neither has an evacuation order been issued.

La Soufrière continues to have effusive eruptions, as hot magma reaches the surface at extreme temperatures. This appears in the night as fire or a bright red glow above the crater.

The team of scientists continue to monitor activities at the volcano and will advise NEMO accordingly of any changes.

Please continue to listen to official sources: namely NEMO and the UWI Seismic Research Centre for all information relating to the La Soufrière volcano.

Further Points 

There is no correlation between Geothermal Drilling and the effusive eruptions taking place at La Soufriere volcano located on the Southern Caribbean island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Persons living in areas close to the volcano should expect strong sulphur smells for several days to weeks, depending on changes in wind direction.

Gas emissions were observed from several areas of the 1979 dome as well as the crater floor through several cracks which have developed.

Damage to the vegetation is extensive within the eastern, southern, and western parts of the inner crater walls.

The damage reported on previously that is occurring along the upper part of the southwestern crater rim has continued to slowly extend downslope.

Helicopter support is being used to access samples of the extrusive materials, airlifting of equipment, surveillance/reconnaissance.

CARICOM countries are on standby to help if evacuation of the island becomes necessary.

All visits to the La Soufriere volcano was suspended with immediate effect on Tuesday 29th December 2020.

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