Woman raped & impregnated by a staff at Mt Gay psychiatric hospital

  • Female resident at Mt Gay Psychiatric facility for over a year due to mental breakdown
  • Forced sex matter reported to hospital management; apparently, no action taken
  • Perpetrators identified to police

(Now Grenada)Grenada – An investigation is ongoing into what can be described as an institutionalised “rape and pregnancy” of a resident at the Mt Gay Psychiatric Hospital.

The young lady who completed university education but experienced a mental breakdown a few years ago has been residing at the facility for over a year. However, recently she told her family that she wants to be removed from the facility.

“She insisted that she needed to get out, and it was at that point she informed her mother about the ongoing sexual assault which she alleged was done by 2 male staff on various occasions, and then the shocking confirmation of the pregnancy,” said a close family friend.

The matter is under investigation by the Sex Crimes Unit and the victim has already given statements to the relevant police officers.

It is understood that when the forced sex started, the young lady reported the matter to the management of the hospital, but apparently, no action was taken to protect her from the perpetrators whom she was able to identify to the police.

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