Challenges Of Online Teaching Should Not Be Seen As Excuses

This country’s Minister of Education Hon. Curtis King, in an address to stakeholders, recognized that there are going to be challenges associated with online teaching. However, he called on all those involved not to see these challenges as excuses not to do work.

“This mode of teaching present challenges, and I want to urge all the stakeholders to see these challenges not so much as excuses, for not doing any work, but more so challenges that we can surmount once we all work together.” Minister King said.

The Minister then called on the parents of the nation to play their part in making sure that the appropriate environment is made available for students’ online learning.

“So parents, we are asking you kindly to create a conducive environment for each child, for your children, so that they will be in a position where they can maximize the teaching that is offered.” He said.

Schools across the nation commenced online learning on Monday, January 11th.

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