More Resources Urged For OECS Courts

The immediate past President of the OECS Bar Association wants more resources for OECS courts.

Thaddeus Antoine spoke as the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s new law year opened on Wednesday.

Antoine asserted that the Court appears to be struggling with attracting and/or
retaining competent Judicial Officers.

“It may very well be that the compensation package is not attractive,” he stated.

Antoine also expressed the view that compensation may not be commensurate with the level of output the job requires.

And he noted that  the conditions which the judges work in may just not be suitable.

But he recalled that year after year, the OECS Bar has called on the Governments of the OECS to provide resources for Judicial Clerks to assist Judges.

Antoine noted that a new judge starts off well with Judgments.

However he said that after a year or two on the bench, delivering judgments begins to slow down.

The former OECS Bar Association President said it appears that it is just too much to do.

As a result, he called on Attorneys General and Ministers of Justice to provide the resources to get the much needed Judicial Clerks.

Antoine felt that this would help ensure that judges get the requisite support needed to ensure that the wheels of justice spin efficiently.

He observed that as a result, backlogs and complaints from the public would become
a thing of the past.

St Lucia Times

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