Communicate Information On La Soufriere In A Transparent Manner

La Soufriere Eruption—Planning and Preparation 

Opposition Leader Dr Godwin Friday Press Conference 

For now, I urge the authorities to communicate in a transparent and complete manner so that people will trust and heed the information and instructions given.

  • My colleagues and I visited Owia and Sandy Bay on Dec. 30 to speak with villagers and urge them to do all they can to prepare for evacuation if needed and to heed the information from the authorities.  People were scared and needed reassurance.
  • Regular and sincere communication is needed to allay fears and build trust.
  • We met with NEMO officials recently and will continue to reach out to them to be as much assistance as possible, especially if a crisis develops.
  • NEMO must also do the necessary drills in the communities to prepare for evacuation.  Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  COVID 19 is a problem but must not lead to poor preparation for Soufriere eruption.

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