What are the Higher Education Marketing Trends? [2021]

The higher education system is being significantly transformed all over the world in 2020-2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic outburst. Hence, education marketing is also largely affected by the changes in the educational sector. Let’s have a closer look at marketing trends that will work for this field in 2021.

Using the power of influencers

The report made by Morning Consult states that 72 percent of Gen Z and Millennials completely trust influencers. Therefore, higher education institutions should consider influencer marketing as an essential tool for attracting applicants. It can provide great opportunities for colleges to get more applications and enroll talented students.

With the help of engaging videos, influencers can demonstrate their support of a certain university and encourage young people to attend a school by showing what it’s like to study there. Hence, in 2021 more and more institutions are going to collaborate with existing students that are popular in social media. This strategy is much more effective than generic marketing messages from the college president.

Marketing specialists working in the higher education sector are also interested in collaborating with alumni influencers this year. They find it persuasive when graduates who have achieved success share insights on how their education helped them get to where they’re at in life.

Marketing assignment help via conversation ads

One of the most efficient marketing innovations of 2020 is LinkedIn Conversation Ads. This tool helps higher institutions to get in touch with potential applicants. Even though LinkedIn is used mostly by working people, there is a chance that marketing specialists can reach a certain segment of their target audience via this social network. Conversation Ads is expected to be in demand in 2021 as many people may search for postgraduate programs on LinkedIn.

Why is it a viable alternative for colleges? Just imagine, you are looking for a service that completes your essays or makes your marketing assignments, and come across a chatbot that can provide you with academic help and answer all your questions. Naturally, you might get interested in the institution offering marketing assistance via conversation. Thus, students get more engaged with college representatives, which makes them prone to prefer advertised institutions. What’s more, this strategy allows marketing specialists to better understand the needs and intentions of their audience.

Extensive use of video content

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of in-person interactions has dropped dramatically. As a result, video content gains more popularity among marketing specialists. Videos are assumed to be one of the most important marketing tools in 2021 since in-person experiences are no longer possible on campus.

One of the ways to implement this strategy is creating general or department-specific tours highlighting campus facilities. Marketing specialists also encourage schools to record welcome messages from faculty members, coaches, or other students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected everyone’s daily routine, and students are not an exception. Hence, a day-in-the-life video could boost students’ interest in a school and make it stand out from other institutions.

Digital experience personalization

Today, most people expect to get a personalized approach when it comes to services. Therefore, marketing specialists should think about the ways of meeting such expectations in 2021. For instance, they are going to create customized landing pages for first-year, international, and prospective students. Also, the content on the college website can differ depending on the target audience. This kind of content personalization will probably be implemented by using such data as IP address or user profile information.

Another personalization strategy that is likely to be used in 2021 is segmented email campaigns. It allows to put recipients into certain email sequences based on the program they are interested in and send them relevant content. Customized mail packages are also expected to be commonly used by marketers this year. Since face-to-face interactions have been significantly reduced, people are going to use mail services more frequently. This is a good occasion for marketers to send students personalized university-branded gear and make them feel like a part of the college family.

Final thoughts

There are numerous approaches to higher education marketing that can bring great results. However, due to the huge challenges the world has recently faced, marketing trends had to be transformed. Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of the most efficient marketing tools that are likely to be used in the post-pandemic world.

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Vendy Adams is an academic writer and marketing specialist. Vendy works at a writing service that provides college students with assignment and essay help. As a marketing specialist, he also runs marketing campaigns at leading  US companies.

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