Da Silva At Odds With Gov’t, “I Will Speak My Mind” He Says

Controversial talk show host Frank Da Silva says what is happening in St Vincent and the wider world is to shut down those who utter an opposing view related to COVID -19.

Da Silva speaking on WEFM on 7th January said as he gets older, he realises that man’s heart is desperately wicked and hopes he is not losing faith in humankind.

“I don’t know how you can say God put you there, but now your are there is no longer God, is me, me, I, I, it is no longer we, Its no longer God, but me and I”.

“Listen to me folks, James Mitchell said something last year. He said it in the wrong way, well at my age I am going to stand up to anybody, nobody is going to push anything down my throat, for money or no money”.

Da Silva said he would not be bought; he will speak his mind.

“I want the authorities to tell the people how are the nurses treated at the isolation facility, do they just go there and return home, do they return to the hospital to work the next day, what’s going on here”, Da Silva asked.

I don’t ask a question without knowing the answer, Da Silva opined.

Da Silva is at odds with the authorities on whether the wearing of the mask and certain COVID protocols would make a difference in the fight against the transmission of COVID-19.

“The only reason the Prime Minister call to the program on the 6th of January, when I was about to make my presentation, was to shut me up.

Frank Da Silva does a daily commentary on WEFM at 8.30 am Monday to Friday.

“The country wants to know, because am a nobody, right Mr Prime Minister, come and tell us what in happened Georgetown why the clinic had to be closed down, tell us what happened to the cluster that was found in Greggs”.

“Furthermore CMO and Mr Roger Duncan, a young man came from Canada on the same plane as the Counsel General Fitz Huggins, he was placed in quarantine at a hotel, picked up the next day, placed in a special facility and was told that he had COVID”.

Da Silva says the man was held captive for twenty-four days.

“SVG that young man was held captive for twenty-four days, what happened why was this young man held for twenty-four days, and when they tried to get the test results, they got some and was refused the others, why, well, he will get them, because he has retained the services of a lawyer”.

Da Silva said the authorities have a lot of explaining to do.

“I ain’t telling nobody to wear the mask, but I ain’t wearing none, even if you all were to make it mandatory, referring to the Government, even if you all were to pass an SRO, oh, make sure you all get it signed by the Governor-General before imposing it on people, okay”.

Da Silva said; “you see like how slavery was legal once, I would have never been a slave because they would have had to kill me first”.

As of Monday, St Vincent and the Grenadines recorded 124 local cases, One hundred and six persons have recovered, and 147 remain active.

A total of 253 cases of COVID 19 have been reported in St Vincent and the Grenadines. All positive cases will continue to be isolated until cleared by two negative tests.

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  1. Frank you are a dog, you were a dog before you joined them in a betrayal pact, you are still one, and even if Gonsalves gives you the chop, you remain a dog.
    Were you one of those that the comrade described as a worthless dirty dog some time ago?