NYC: mom in suicide plunge was weaning off medication

Oksana Patchin, 39, was prescribed three different types of drugs following a bitter split from her husband over the summer, her distraught mother told The Post through tears.

But Patchin recently began breaking the pills into pieces in an effort to stop taking them, said the grieving granny, who gave her name as Anna.

“She was taking less and less,” Anna said with a Ukrainian accent.

“I said to her, ‘Oksana — February, March, you will be finished.’”

It was unclear if Patchin was following a doctor’s orders in reducing the dosages.

The FDA has warned that patients being treated with antidepressants face the risk of “suicidality” and other problems during initial treatment and “at times of dose changes, either increases or decreases.”

Anna — who described her daughter as a loving mom who wanted to overcome her depression — didn’t know what drugs her daughter was taking.

But she said one was a sleep aid that was prescribed after Patchin and her husband separated over the summer and she became depressed.

Cops who visited their Brooklyn apartment on Sunday seized several bottles of medication, Anna said.

“Now police will do exam to see what medicine she took,” she said.

Surveillance cameras captured Patchin pacing around the roof of 540 West 53rd Street in Hell’s Kitchen before she climbed over a safety gate and picked up daughter Olivia around 1:40 p.m. Sunday, police sources have said.

She then jumped off and the two plunged 12 stories to the ground.

Mother and daughter were rushed to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, where both were pronounced dead.

Inside the family’s one-bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights, a child’s desk was covered with artwork, including a hand-painted ceramic princess and rocks adorned with paint and glitter.

Anna said that “everything was normal” in the hours leading to the tragic murder-suicide, recalling that Patchin — who immigrated from Ukraine about 15 years ago — “woke up and she walked the dog and she had breakfast with Olivia.”

At noon, Patchin drove her daughter to Manhattan to visit a friend who lives in the Hell’s Kitchen building.

“I said, ‘Go with God.’ She believes in God very much,” Anna said before bursting into tears.

“I don’t understand what happened.”

Anna said the friend was celebrating a birthday on Monday and Patchin “wanted to meet with them.”

Following the deadly plunge, Anna said, the friend told her that “Olivia said, ‘Mama, let’s go to the roof.”

“They always like to go up to the roof,” she said.

In the days leading to the tragedy, Patchin enrolled Olivia in a Catholic school on Friday and took her to Brighton Beach on Saturday for dance lessons.

Upon their return, Patchin said, “Olivia liked it. We will be every Saturday to dance,” her mom recalled.

Anna also said that her daughter “was not sad” when she saw her for the last time.

“She was doing better. She was going to the gym. She was healthy,” she said.

“All her friends said, ‘You must be strong. You have a daughter. She needs you.’”


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